Khamis, 10 Mei 2012

# 1

Assalamualaikum semua.. malam ni mood kurang baik skit. kenapa ea sejak kebelakangan ni bby mcm ni jer.. kat luar tu pun tgh hujan, mcm taw2 je perasaan bby sekarang. sunyi2 mcm ni, teringat pulak waktu dulu2.. rindu..mcm2 yang bby rindu..

erm.. namo fikir banyak lagi la.. pening je pale kan...dh jadi sesi luahan perasaan plak. jangan ikutkan perasaan sgt2.. hehe.. ape la...

So sebab baby xde benda best nak wat. so bby decided nak wat survey. saje je buang boring kan. hehe.


If I looked on the bed next to you, what would I find?
- teddy bear! hehe..

Do you go to the bathroom with the door open or closed?
- closed of course..

Are your underwear and socks folded in your drawer or just thrown in?
- it depends.. sometimes if im wayyyy to lazy, just throw it... kalau rajin.. baru la lipat..

Sleep on your back or stomach?
- back..

Are you a cuddler?
- yes..heeee~~

What would I find if I looked UNDER your bed?
- nothing... sbb no space under the bed..

Something that happened today that made you angry?
- someone woke me up... grr

What were you doing before this survey?
- chatting

What will you do after the survey?
-maybe im going to go for the 2nd survey.. maybeee

Marriage or living together?
- marriage.. more afdal in our religion..

What shirt are you wearing now?
- pijama

Do you sing?
- hentam je

Do you de-label your beer bottles?
- beer is haram sweetheart

Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
- it depends.. it can be both.. usually i tend to hide them..  thats what we calllll.... SILENT TREATMENT.. haha

Is there something you regret and wish you could take back?
- yes..lottssss

First thing you do when you wake up?
- look at my cellphone.. dun believe its morning already..

Ever had surgery?
- no

Last argument you got into with?
- errr... no comment .. haha

Do you tend to rip the paper off water bottles?
- no..

What's one good thing about your best friend?
- she's CRAZY!

How long does it take for you to fall asleep at night?
- 15-30 minutes.. depends la..

Current song on myspace?
- i have no myspace

When you shut off your alarm clock, do you tend to fall back asleep?
- yes! totally! wanna bet? hehe

If you were given the chance to take care of a monkey for a weekend, would you?
- yes..monkey is cute! but i'm not going to take care of its poops!

What is the current advertisement on the side of the screen?
- none..its great right?

What are you looking forward to in the next few months?
- vacation pls! and 10 bottles of sticky candy pls...

It's midnight. Who are you texting?
- no one..what a pity...

It's Wednesday afternoon, where are you usually?
- Wednesday... before.. mesti kat dlm klas.. but since its holidays now.. i guarantee.. ON THE BED SLEEPING LIKE A BABY!

Honestly, if you could have ANYONE in the world, who would it be?
-Steve Jobs...

Your Christmas list consists of?
- i dun celebrate xmas

You're going to New York for school shopping, where do you go first?
- school shopping? erm... kedai baju laaaa..

You need a new pair of jeans, what store do you go to first?
- errr... what shud i answer.

How do you feel about your hair?
- messy

What movie is in your DVD player?
- The Big Bang Theory

If you could move away, no questions asked, where would you move?
- moved away in what case? is that means.. i move myself..or.... move to other house.. or.. ahh! whatever... :D

How much do looks matter to you in a guy/girl?
- shud balance.. between looks and attitude

What's the greatest thing that happened to you today?
- i... i.... have no idea

How many TRUE best friends do you have?
- ermmmm... :)

What would you change about your life right now?
- myself... my attitude.. :)

What’s the best feeling in the world?
- best feeling?? when u sleep n no one care ko nk bgun lewat ke awal.. haha

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